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Is your billing staff properly educated, and up-to-date on the most current industry knowledge?

Advanced Billing Consultants realizes the importance of continued education within their team.  Advanced Billing Consultants regularly attends industry focused and specialty oriented webinars, seminars and telephone conferences.  The knowledge and information obtained during these events are implemented in-house, as well as, shared with their clients and providers.

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Do you have more than 10% of your A/R over 120 days? 

At Advanced Billing Consultants, we pride ourselves in exceeding industry standards for days in A/R and A/R percentage over 120 days.  Our days in A/R average 20 days for electronic claims and less than 10% of our A/R is over 120 days.  Aggressively, we achieve these standards with accurate claim submission, follow up and successful appeal resolutions.

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Do your patients constantly complain that they are not able to speak with a live billing representative, or that their phone calls are not returned in a timely fashion? 

Advanced Billing Consultants believes in having a live support staff to take your patients phone calls regarding billing questions.  In this way, it appears to your patients that Advanced Billing Consultants are merely an extension of your office.  We pride ourselves on having great customer service and the ability to connect with patients, putting them more at ease with any concerns they may have. Advanced Billing Consultants has dedicated Account Managers which allows your patients to identify with a person on a more familiar basis. At Advanced Billing Consultants, we believe that quality customer service is key to ensuring patient satisfaction by customizing their patient management to fit the needs of your location's demographics. At Advanced Billing Consultants, we are always helpful, courteous and knowledgeable.

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Is your billing staff ready for ICD-10? 

We have Certified Professional Coders (CPC) on staff whose certifications, according to AAPC, "provides a working knowledge to support cleaner claim submission; resulting in, more accurate coding, faster reimbursement and fewer denials".  Today's technology often times gives providers a false sense of security that they can do their own coding, in actuality, it usually delays reimbursemment.  A provider's time is better spent with their patients.  Leave the coding up to the CPC's!

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Do you ever wonder why a claim did not crossover to the supplemental insurance company (Trading Partner)?

There are different reasons why a claim might not crossover. Supplemental insurers contract with Medicare to supply them with the information to process the supplemental benefits. A Supplemental payer generally has no liability for additional payment when claims are paid at 100% of Medicare's approved amount or claims that are denied in full.  Therefore, most companies choose not to receive claims for which they have no liability.  See what Advanced Billing Consultants can do for you in Medical Billing Services.

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Do you see patients for an annual exam, then treat them for an issue that they bring up during the exam?

If you answer "Yes", do you charge for them for the annual exam and an office visit for the additional issue?  If you answered "No", then you should see how our Medical Billing Services can help you!