Is your medical practice profitable?

Advanced Billing Consultants' team includes many people who have experience in a live, medical practice environment. This gives Advanced Billing Consultants a unique insight into what is required to run a successful medical practice. In addition, their senior management is educated in small business management which gives them an understanding of what it takes to make a business successful.


Are you struggling to make payroll every pay day?

With our educated staff, Advanced Billing Consultants can offer ideas and suggestions to improve your medical practice's workflow and profit. If you feel like you are struggling each month to pay your bills, or are looking for ways to increase your revenue, give Advanced Billing Consultants a call at: 888-222-2125 to learn more about their consulting services.


Did you know a medical chart audit can cost you thousands of dollars if you are not prepared?

In addition to overall practice wellness, Advanced Billing Consultants can offer an 'a la carte' consulting service, such as, chart auditing. Going through a medical insurance audit can be very intimidating and costly if you are not prepared. Advanced Billing Consultants can help you review medical charts to ensure all the required documentation and standards have been met before the audit takes place. This will ensure minimal financial loss due to insufficient medical chart documentation and medical coding errors.


Are you considering purchasing new medical equipment?

There are many business opportunities available to physicians; Advanced Billing Consultants can help you decide which options would be most beneficial to your medical practice. Examples of these opportunities are: purchasing a DEXA machine, hiring another medical physician, or bringing medical labs in-house. Advanced Billing Consultants can help you with financial projections; which will aid you in the decision making process. 


Advanced Billing Consultants understands medical physicians have many responsibilities when running their own medical practice. Advanced Billing Consultants are available to help you tackle the more complex business decisions you may need to make.  If you need help with increasing your profit margin, improving your office workflow, medical chart auditing or any other major changes to your business, give Advanced Billing Consultants a call at: 888-222-2125.