Is your office HIPAA compliant?

Advanced Billing Consultants understands the importance of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA.  With technology allowing more medical practices to go paperless, more people have easy access to the private health information of patients as well as their private identification information.  Advanced Billing Consultants abides by HIPAA and the new HITECH Act in their day to day operations; and can also offer advice on how to make your medical practice compliant.


Did you know you could be fined if you do not report breach by your staff?

The newest modification to HIPAA is the HITECH act.  The Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act became effective February 17, 2010.  This new act outlines security requirements for the electronic transmission of private health information as well as implements standards for reporting breech.  Providers must now report any acts of breech to the Office of Civil Rights.  Failure to report breech will result in financial penalties.


Additionally HITECH requires that all covered entities do the following by February 17, 2010:


  1. Provide breach awareness and training to their staff
  2. Conduct risk analysis and implement safeguards to protect against these risks
  3. Document policies and procedures regarding identifying, investigating and reporting possible breech
  4. Implement limited data sets


Do you know the requirements of HITECH?

If your office is not compliant with HITECH or HIPAA,  Advanced Billing Consultants can offer the resources to implement HIPAA policies in your medical office and avoid potential financial penalties.