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"We had a numbers guy from the North Carolina Department of Rural Health evaluate our practice; He was very impressed with Advanced Billing Consultants' collection rates.  So, Thanks! Since I had nothing to compare your collection rate to, I really had no idea that  Advanced Billing Consultants were such 'The Bomb'! We are grateful!" - Jeffrey Polgar MD, Family Practice | North Carolina

"Cindi and her team at Advanced Billing Consultants have provided my company with consistent, excellent results in medical billing. I have referred her to other medical providers and they also are very pleased with her work. She is readily available by phone if I have any questions or concerns 24/7. Her service is simply outstanding. With the frequent changes in insurance company requirements, Medicare and coding she is ahead of the game. I strongly recommend Advanced Billing Consultants." - Angela Miller D.O., FACP | Southern California

"As one of the founders of the Alteer Corporation that developed the Alteer Office EMR and integrated practice management software program; I have worked with Advanced Billing Consultants in several capacities while at Alteer.  Now that I have opened my own private practice, I naturally selected Advanced Billing Consultants' medical billing service for my medical billing needs.  They are very well versed in Alteer Office, and have provided me a much welcomed relief in attending to all of my medical billing concerns and needs in my private practice.  I am very pleased to enthusiastically recommend Advanced Billing Consultants as your medical billing services provider no matter which EMR software you use." - Frank Rhie MD, FACP, FACE | Southern California

"I can't say enough about the outstanding medical billing services Cindi and her staff provide. Not only do they process claims and handle account receivables in a timely manner-they are a delightful group.  Medical insurance billing is a time consuming, agonizing process. Outsourcing to Advanced Billing Consultants allows us to concentrate on delivering  the highest quality of care to our patients and not be bogged down in the details of medical billing. They even communicate directly with our patients and address their medical billing issues. Cindi understands the importance of her staff, when talking to our patients, reflecting the same genuine care and concern we extend to our patients. The great thing about Advanced Billing Consultants is you don't have to pay benefits and they never take vacation!" - Dr. L. Wright, MOHS Surgery | Texas

"I have used Advanced Billing Consultant’s medical billing services for over five years and I have found them to be a very professional and personable company.  I am always able to contact my Account Manager in a timely manner and she is always very friendly and knowledgeable about my claims and collections.  Their staff has been extremely helpful in assisting me in streamlining my office’s medical billing policies and procedures, so that my claims are sent out correctly the first time and I get paid quickly.  Since I began working with Advanced Billing Consultants in 2005, I have never had a bad experience and I am so appreciative for all they have done to benefit my practice." – Dr. Levin, Dermatology | New Jersey

"Advanced Billing Consultants is an extremely professional medical billing service.  They have made our practice much more efficient in the medical billing department. Cindi and her employees are very knowledgeable when it comes to insurance companies, CPT codes, reimbursement, etc.  Now that we have been working with them for over a year, we don't know what we'd do without them." – Carol Feeney, Cardiology | Northern California

"Advanced Billing Consultants is a pleasure to work with. I am always able to call with any questions I have and they are answered in a timely manner. If they have any questions, they asked me directly so there is not a middle man involved. They are respectful, caring, and professional when working with patients. The filing of claims are done in a timely manner, and they are always trying to find ways to help get the highest revenue for the business." - Kelle S. Bruner CPM, Family Practice | Ohio